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Our 24/7 support team offer an invaluable service for many of our clients, and never more so than when crisis looms.

During August and September 2017 Hurricane Harvey blazed through Texas. The storm that followed swept up the East Coast of America, causing tens of billions of dollars worth of damage and major disruption to air travel.

Pete Banham, Managing Director at machinery specialist Cygnet Texkimp, was away on business in New York at the time and was concerned that he would be stuck in America until the storm passed.

Despite the 5-hour time difference, Pete was able to quickly contact our 24/7 support team for guidance. We knew that moving to another US city was inadvisable, due to the unpredictable nature of storm patterns.

Instead his dedicated travel booker, with whom he had worked with several years, prioritised his needs, checked he was safe and set out the various options.

With Pete’s agreement she utilised her network of industry contacts to reserve one of the few remaining tickets on a flight home, at no extra cost and with no impact on his schedule.

“I was very impressed with INC. Travel’s 24/7 service and would have been completely stuck without them. They really go above and beyond to do all they can for you, no matter what time it is. They made me feel safe and kept me well informed, and I would wholeheartedly recommend them.”


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