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With their previous travel provider failing to meet their complex needs and build a strong relationship, their senior management spoke to several leading Travel Management Companies to review. After a lengthy tender process, Brother UK chose INC. Travel Group due to the outstanding choice, value, account management and service we offer.

The customised online booking tool has been warmly received by all business travellers and gives travel bookers the ability to approve, reject or modify each booking.

We also regularly negotiate rates with hotels and airlines to ensure the business receives the best possible value for its spend.

Once a journey begins, travel bookers can fulfil the company’s duty of care by locating and tracking a traveller within minutes using our 24 hour support service. This has proven invaluable in ensuring traveller safety during emergencies and helping resolve unforeseen circumstances, such as missed flights and lost passports.

We have also reduced business travel costs by identifying clear operational efficiencies, delivering bespoke, accessible reports that provide greater clarity and working with its team to continually analyse and optimise monthly spend.

“The INC. Travel team are very proactive and provide invaluable support, steering us and aiding us when we’re pressed for time and resource. We regularly lean on them, secure in the knowledge we are in safe hands.”


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