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17 Jul: How You Can Combine Business & Personal Travel For A Truly Memorable Break

There's no two ways about it, ‘Bleisure’ trips are on the rise. And whilst the term itself may send a slight shiver down your spine, this emerging concept is red hot. ‘Bleisure’ trips blur the conflicted line between business and leisure. When it comes to work travel trips, combining elements of both business and pleasure can be fantastic way to achieve a truly fulfilling experience without feeling as though you’ve compromised on nurturing relationships, self care, or seeing a new destination. A recent survey commissioned in 2018 identified that: “49% of business travellers are already extending their corporate trips to have...

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03 Jul: The New Technology To Make Corporate Travel Easier

No matter how many miles you travel for business or how often you do it, as a corporate traveller it is imperative that your travel experience runs as comfortably and as efficiently as possible. With many aspects of corporate journey to consider - not to mention the focus required when you arrive, it’s unsurprising that smart technology within the travel industry is being relied upon to meet the demands of modern day business travel. Here, we look at the helpful existing and emerging technologies that will assist your corporate travel experiences, making business travel quicker and easier for both your...

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19 Jun: When Should You Refresh Your Corporate Travel Policy?

Having an up-to-date corporate travel policy is essential for any company whose employees travel a considerable amount throughout the year. Whether you’re a small start up with only a handful of employees or a huge multinational corporation with more staff than it’s possible to count, a corporate travel policy will help ensure costs are kept to a minimum and all comings and goings follow procedure. However, corporate travel policies aren’t just a one-time document that gets written and forgotten about - or at least they shouldn’t be. They should be constantly evolving and updated to keep your business operating as...

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